SACMI Packaging & Chocolate merges two world leaders in chocolate machines production; Carle & Montanari that has been present on the market since 1907 and OPM- producer of moulding lines for top chocolate producers from all over the world. Fully modular design of our moulding lines allows to configure the machine according to the individual requirements.

The moulding lines can be equipped with various types of depositors and dosing systems for different ingredients and this guarantees almost unlimited choice of available products types and shapes. OPM experience in packaging lines allows to distribute demoulded products to the packaging machines and cartoners. Thanks to that the complete line is designed and produced by one supplier.



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NEXT CAVEMILAsk for product

This state of art moulding line is a modern version of one of the most famous moulding machine CAVEMIL that revolutionized the chocolate production market about 70 years ago. Today NEXT CAVEMIL has a modern design based on hygienic concepts to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. Totally covered modules guarantee product and operator safety, and, thanks to a new technology for thermo-acoustic insulation, significantly reduced noise.
The high-modularity of this line supports different configurations such as racetrack (with or without short ring) or mono line plants for any kind of production (solid, solid with inclusions, one shot, filled and booked articles).

NEXT CAVEMIL modules allow easy future extension of the line or the introduction of new units, easy integration of a wide variety of technologies (traditional shell or fast shell technology), use of different depositor types (CORE, standard pistons or rotary valves) and the possibility to be equipped with dedicated devices for the insertion of wafers, biscuits, whole or chopped hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, etc.

The dismounting and installation of the CORE depositor can be done by the operator in less then 10 minutes thus in case of change of the dosed product the replaced depositor can be taken for cleaning while the spare one is working providing minimum machine stop time.

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NANOAsk for product

NANO is an intermittent line developed with extreme attention to the hygienic design. The line is a perfect solution for the producers who search for lower capacity or high flexibility necessary for smaller quantities of different assortment. NANO allows to use 275×205 mm and 425×350 mm standard moulds but non standard sizes are also available as options.

The line can achieve the production speed up to 25 moulds per minute and guarantees extremely high efficiency and products quality. In fact NANO can have all the options available on the most popular SACMI Packaging & Chocolate line – NEXT CAVEMIL- and will produce the same high quality products just with proportionally lower speed.

NANO can easily handle all types of production: solid, solid with inclusions, one shot and filled products. Their superb versatility allows manufacturers to exploit the full range of available technologies (traditional shell and fast-shell).

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NEXT SUPERAsk for product

NEXT SUPER is a continuous moulding line that can reach the production speed of 70 moulds per minute. This high capacity line is usually installed in the biggest chocolate factories in the world where limited assortment is continuously formed with extremely high capacity and with rare format changeovers.

The line can be used for solid, solid with inclusions and one shot products.

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We constantly develop our service department, based on factory trained technicians to provide the best technical team for machines installations, guarantee and post guarantee service. Thanks to the dedicated spare parts department with local parts stock we ensure the fastest possible reaction time to minimise the risk of machinery stoppage.

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