Conching machines

For the final processing and transformation of refined cocoa powder into a finished product, the chocolate mass discharged form the 5 rolls refiner is loaded to conching machines. SACMI has a full range of conching machines: the CLOVER series (vertical conches), the HOMEGA series (two shafts horizontal conches) and the ALPHA series (horizontal conching machines with a single stirrer). The construction of each machine model is designed to ensure appropriate passage through all the conching phases, from dry to plastic and then to liquid phase.

Suitable for the final processing of the refined chocolate powder to become high quality chocolate products as well as surrogates or creams. All these conching machines provide a homogeneous mass of fluid chocolate, ready to be used in subsequent operations of storage and moulding, with a loading capacity from 3.000 to 10.000 kg.

Our specialists will carefully analyse your products and will share with you the experience to define proper conching times and to help you choose the right machine model.

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