Automatization of the packaging process

It is extremely important not only to choose the right packaging machine but also to design properly the distribution system that will feed with the products all the machines in operation.

The different conditions in packing areas and in particular the space available for equipment installation make it necessary to provide highly customised solutions according to the customers needs.

SACMI bespoke automatic feeding systems for rows, groups of rows and chaotically positioned products can be equipped with different components to organize properly the products before introducing them to the packaging machines. We use numerous types of conveyors, pivoting stations, rows aligning and spacing systems, motorizes chicanes and many others. Having carried out hundreds of projects we feel confident to offer the solutions to handle untypical and fragile products.

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  • Profitech

    Poziome i pionowe linie pakujące

PROFITECH is a Polish engineering company founded almost 20 years ago, specialized in manufacturing of accessories for vertical and horizontal packaging lines as well as in production of complete distribution systems. PROFITECH equipment can be supplied either as a stand alone unit to be implemented to the existing line or as an individually designed and customised complete solution. Hundreds of installations carried out in the last 20 years allowed PROFITECH engineers to gain experience in many different food industry sectors.

Thanks to that the designers will pay attention to small details to guarantee proper line functionality considering particular conditions in the customers plants. PFOFITECH office and production facility is located in Rzezawa, about 40 km away from Kraków.The 4.000 m2 floor space is dedicated not only for production purposes but also to organize presentations of complete packaging lines.

Horizontal packaging lines

Poziome linie pakujące | SACMI

Each packaging line has to be individually designed according to particular conditions in customers facilities. In our portfolio we have many different solutions to handle rows or chaotic products coming out from process machines. Using many different systems of products turning, stacking or in lining we introduce them to the packaging machines.

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Vertical packaging lines

Pionowe linie pakujące | SACMI

We offer complete sets of accessories for vertical packaging lines such as feeding hoppers, vibrators, elevating conveyors, platforms and gantries for weighing and dosing solutions. Our technical office can design full distribution system delivering the products from the production line to the requested number of packaging machines.

To get the offer please contact us and let us have all the necessary details that we need to make a proper proposal according to your requirements.


We constantly develop our service department, based on factory trained technicians to provide the best technical team for machines installations, guarantee and post guarantee service. Thanks to the dedicated spare parts department with local parts stock we ensure the fastest possible reaction time to minimise the risk of machinery stoppage.

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